Reconciliation for love of husband & marriage

Dear God, Thank you Hevenly Father for your love, forgiveness and guidance. I’m sorry for all my wrong thinking & doing and pray to You for restoration with my spouse – a family is a gift given by You and I realise that a refining of my character through triles and forgiveness has led me to this place. You are a God that restores and heals, through Jesus and Your Word we are given so much and Praise You Father, Your Kindom come, power and glory to You.

Marriage – what God has revealed to me about mine:
Your love and support and your whole being has changed my life.
My heart was broken, my mind heavy and it was a pain that hurts more than I knew possible. I know you too have felt these emotions, the girls told me so but only recently – I had no idea and I am deeply sad that I had not known you felt this way. I guess, for you, it came out in anger but I did not recognise this as a love or as your heart ache – I saw it as trying to control and your no communication as indifference – my mistake! How to recognise a love – I’ve learnt so much through this trial.

I was truly blessed when we first met, your love, your patience and your admiration so freely given. How naive I was to take that love for granted and when I thought the love was lost, in the trials of daily life, what a fool I was. Now I realise it was never really lost, just hidden by a dark scheme of an enemy, a plot to try and destroy a marriage and a family – if only we’d seen.
So now you say you’ve moved onto another, one not too dissimilar to me but with a clean slate, that is for now, blemish free. I do know though, through experience, that this won’t always be the the case and you will come back to me. Come back to me, I pray, for us to pour our energy into each other rather than another, a miracle, a gift from above that you and your family will be blessed each day for, God heals all.
And so I live in hope that my prayers and thoughts of love and reconciliation will reach you, Mark. For you and I will always be. Our marriage that went through trials, will be saved but only when each one is willing to remember a love deep inside, as this will be needed for the veil of ‘the grass is greener’ to be removed and replaced with love for spouse, family and all we’ve been through together.
So it is now I pray, for you to feel my love in your heart and soul and it is what I hope for in our future. So each day I must trust God with my heart and soul for a love that will rekindle your heart and a love for me that will reunite our family as it should be – M, J, A & I (R) H – together again as one x
With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible – Luke 1:37 – Amen
Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:15

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