Reconciliation and union….Reignite love of divorced couple

by Vanessa (Florida)


I ask that in these times of pain in which my ex-husband has decided to leave and be alone, may you enter his heart, soften his heart, show him the right way, protect him from all temptation. May it be your will to re-unite us for a new life and beginning. During this time we are apart Lord, please let us reflect on where we went wrong and work with you to change and grow in love. May my ex-husband find you in his life Lord because he needs you. May he give me a second chance to enter his life renewed as true partners together in a new lifelong journey as remarried husband and wife. Please open up his eyes and realize I am changing and forgiving, May he heal and forgive me for all my wrongdoings. I ask this in your name our Lord – Amen.

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