Reconciled with Michelle in marriage

by James (San Antonio)

Lord please restore our marriage dear lord. Touch Michelle heart to heal the pain caused by our past. Turn her away from another man and restore out marriage through Christ salvation. Correct and convict her to walk in salvation not fornication with another man. Heal us father, remind her of heaven and the power of salvation, lift her up to hear your voice, wage war against Satan or any man or woman that would deceive her with vain words, action, or gifts into fornication. Rebuke them in the name of Christ. Father protect this family, make her to hear your voice and repent. Remind her that her husband loves her james.Lord make me into the man i need to be so thay i am the head not the tail, help me to love and honor her, lead me in a purpose so i can lead our family. Jesus grant me a testimony of the power of God to restore and rebuild our marriage. I claim restoration and I stand in agreement binding us in marriage with all Saints praying for us. In Jesus mighty name Amen