Reconcile our marrige soften my wife and childrens heart

by Mark (Cameron Tx)

Dear hevenly father im asking that you bring our marrige back together again that we may then serve you as one of the flesh iask that you not let my wife concider temptation ask her to soften her heart that she may forgive me for allthe things ive done wrong to her and my kids the verbal abuse and whatever has hardned her heart forgive me loard s for i have sinned against you lord i ask that you bring our spark once again that we may not go grow distance from one another that we may have understanding faith in you patience hapiness and love for one another once again lord i trust and belive that you are going o reunite us cause you have brought us back from last time when we seperated. Ask that you be in er mind soul and spirit to let her have understanding and hope and most important faith and forgive me of the past to me get myself right with you first then her on your time i trust and believe that you will bring her back and allow me to be that loving husband and father to my 5 wonderful children that we may grow old and share to others that we went threw the worst of things together that we know bettered our self for you first then ourselves and learned that without you father we can not do things on our own loard i know you have plans for our relationship our marrige so that we may learn of our sins so we an live by you thankyou lord for blessing me with the life you have given us together keep this devil who i do not claim to be trying to seperate us forever i know that you ave much stronger powers and will save our marriage and family also allow people of right intentions to lead us not down the right path that the people that your sending is in the right ways thankyou lord heavenly father. Continue to put your. Healing Hands around us that i trust and believe and by faith that you are going to work a miracle in our lifes marrige and show us that we have both went down wrong paths and bounced back from this seperation i elieve you have the plan all set in stone for us thankyou once again for letting me know that i have lust problems and theft problem and also anger problems and o much more i trust and believe that you will make evervything right again for our honor and glory in your precious name father god and your son jesus christ i pray amen