Reconcile my relationship today

by L2 (Washington DC, US)

Lord I ask of you to restore my broken relationship with my boyfriend. Please touch my boyfriend’s heart and mind so he may remember our plans for a life together as husband and wife and increase his love for me. God help me to be forgiving and understanding of him.

I ask that you remove the person that interfered in our relationship from our lives but use this experience and this girl to make my boyfriend and I hearts grow even fonder of each other.

Jesus I know all things are possible through you. Keep me on my boyfriend’s mind at all times and make it irresistible for him to deny that he loves me and wants me to be his wife. Make it so that we have an even stronger relationship than ever before with us desiring to be in constant contact all the time.

I need you to work a miracle by bringing my boyfriend back right now. Lord help us to fight for this relationship with our all and staying faithful and committed to each other from this point on. Thank you for all the blessings and for making our relationship so much better and stronger in advance.

God I know that you will help us to consciously work on improving our relationship every day. Please make it clear to him that I truly am meant to be his life partner. Thank you, thank you thank you Jesus I receive this blessing through you!!! Amen.

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