Reconcile my marriage- Grant our son peace

The Power of God through Jesus Christ leads my husband back home to his family. Grant that he may stop all divorce proceedings and Love his wife and son as a Father should.

Unify our relationships with one another that all negativity and those who have advised him to stay focused on divorce for his own personal ego be banished from our home and lives. Come Holy Spirit and fill his heart and kind with Love for his wife and all of the good and special times we’ve shared over 21 yrs.

Allow him to place his son’s needs and the pain and distress this is causing him before any of his own needs. Rekindle our friendship and Love for one another that a bond Blessed by God can not be broken by man. Open his Heart and mind to the wrong and hurt that his actions are inflicting on those who love him most.

Allow him to Behold the Good in me and the Christ Spirit that dwells in mew. Help him to forgive and forget any trespasses that he has distorted from the truth in his memory. Grant that he may come to me and embrace me with kindness and Love that we’ve always shared. Bless our home and cleanse it and each of us from all and anything not of God. I trust in you Father.

Please Grant a speedy change of events. Heal our family Lord. Help our love to grow even stronger than before. And prompt him to look upon his son and know that his actions are affecting him in devastatingly ways. Help him to turn away from sin and all who are influencing him to bring me harm and heartache.

Despise not my petitions Father, but look upon me as a faithful loving wife. Worthy of all that we vowed to share, till death do us part. Help him to wake this morning and trust in the direction the Holy Spirit is guiding him for all three of our lives. In Jesus Name I Pray and give Thanks and Trust that All is well in our lives.

Amen and Amen. And So it Is. Thank you Father.

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