Recently Been rejected for my desired job (employers interview)

I have been applying for a job since when i came back to my home country last January this year. Me and my friend have been trying to walk around diffirent recruitment agencies that process overseas employment. Recently weve undergo interview together but for some reason they cannot hired both of us since weve been into same company before unfortunately I wasnt able to get the position and my friend luckily does. Im so happy for my friend on the other side because i know her situation and i know how much she needed it the most at this moment. Even though i feel so down and rejected I Just accepted the fact that maybe its not for me and believe that in the right time better job are coming my way. And I know evrything will be in place according to what god has planned and prepared for me. All I need to do is surrender everything and pray. And I am asking your help to pray with me to give more courage and wisdom. Thank you

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