Receiving God’s love and glory

Lord Jesus Christ always first to give me clarification and understand that you are trying to be there for me in any way. I may not always understand why things happen in my life. But regardless I’m sorry for the sin I have committed. I have made wrong choices in my life and I am now suffering the consequences. But I know you are there. You have not nor will abandon me. I know I’m not patient with what is going on in my life. But you always have brought me back to you. Father bless my daughter and husband. Keep them safe always. I may not be there but I know you allow them to feel me and know how much I love them. Lord, I am lost without them. Give me clarification to know what is true. If there is any falsehood I ask for you to make me see it, accept it and move forward but if it isn’t true I ask to remove all that is causing me confusion. Although the pain will be great I trust that you will lead me in the right direction. Please direct me to what is true, just, and real. Help me know when someone is trying to convince me to go astray. Calm my anxiety and nerves and help carry me to truth and happiness. Allow me to always follow you and your word. Allow me to honor and respect my husband as you have written. I do feel overwhelmed because he is not here but I have done things I can’t take back. Help me to know what you are trying to show me. Give me clarification My Father. Without your guidance and protection against the evil one I would be lost. There could never be anything worldly or material that could cause me to lose my family again. Thank you God for your love and patience and understanding because I would be lost.

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