Real, granted wish

by Matthew Johnson ()

instantly wish for my 10 dolls: Coral who is wearing a white tank top but now wearing overalls and has curly long blonde hair and blue eyes, Rafael who is wearing a black and white striped shirt with purple vest and prickly hair, Gabe who has short curly blonde hair and is wearing sandals and summer clothes, Rose who is wearing a red vest obviously, Sophia who has blonde hair and wearing a sheep shirt, Olivia Rose who is wearing a red-rose dress and has Down-Syndrome, and my 4 Cabbage Patch Kids dolls (Whose names I don’t have just yet), I wish for all 10 of them to realistically and truly come to life instantly to watch me dance to some movie/TV show soundtrack songs and also for the upcoming end credits/opening credits marathon. I have a new Xbox One console coming within couple days or so. It broke on me few days ago so I cancelled the marathon but will start it this afternoon/early evening today. I figure the 10 dolls would enjoy that. I want them coming to life via moving their eyes slightly, and moving slightly and also whispering my name or woo-hoo to my dancing parts. They need to stay alive until I write another wish for them to come back to being toys. I’m free this whole weekend in my bedroom despite the coronavirus so they can come alive anytime right now as I throw a coin to this wish. I have 3 links to pictures of all the dolls sent below. Thank you very much. In order to make the toys come alive, I’ll type in these words right now: “Toys, toys come to life, on the count to 5: 1,2,3,4,5. Now you all may come alive.” I know toys will usually officially come to life at midnight so I’ll be up all night for them. There will also be a room 2 room light lamp lighting up in the ceiling. I will be taking a few breaks during the marathon so dolls need lot of patience during those times.Thanks and amen.

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