Raise me up one more level, Lord

by Garry (Easton)

Dear God, You helped me once many years ago now.

While I admit that I have not been the most pious of your flock, my heart has always been in the right place regardless of the sins that I have indulged in.

I feel for those around me. My family, my friends, my neighbors, my co-workers, and even strangers on the street or the people I meet at the Wawa up the street.

You saved me and my family when I was younger from being put onto the street by bestowing a new beginning for us in a new city with new jobs and I will always be grateful for that.

But, Lord, I’m asking you one more time in my life, now that I am growing older, to help me up one last time and bestow an even greater wealth upon me. At first it may seem callous and self centered, but, God, I really need for you to help me win something akin to the Powerball jackpot here on Earth.

With those riches and can not only take care of all my needs for my remaining days here on Earth but I can also help ALL of those people around me as well. The neighbors sister who has hit hard times could benefit from my kind heart as could the young girl at Wawa who just had a baby and needs money and a new car. The homeless man I met outside Wawa who just wanted a cup of coffee. My friend and co-worker, Ron, who wants to get his family out of the neighborhood he’s in and a home of his own ….The list is almost endless, Lord.

I make no promises of being a Saint, dear God. I have every intention of helping myself as well with some of the riches if you choose to bestow them upon me. But it’s those people around me that I want to see smile and leave them in awe and scratching their heads when I simply do good for them and ask nothing in return. Or anonymously have something given to them without seeking even a “thank you.” I won’t need it when I know that I’ve done good through Your Grace.

Let me be Your right hand of good fortune, Lord, and spread that good fortune and wealth to those around me.


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