by Sheila (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Dear GOD,

Thanks for all you do for me each and everyday. You’ve blessed me to have a beautiful daughter and still have both my parents here on earth with me. I need your help in my finances. Please heal me quickly. I need you right away. Not yesterday but today LORD. I have so much credit card and student loan debt that I’ve gotten trying to finish school and take care of my daughter. At present time I have $15k in credit card debt and $100k in student loan debt. I can’t see the forest for the trees. One thing is true though. YOU reign supreme and I believe you want the best for me. My landlord is stating that he wants to sell the home my family and I are renting. If I don’t clear my debt, I won’t be able to purchase a home. My prayer is to have enough money to pay off any and all debt and purchase a home outright. I know if you give me the dream you can make it come to pass. So I thank YOU in advance. I also thank YOU in advance for granting me with enough money to be able to pursue my dreams of acting, singing, etc. while opening an Arts school to serve underpriviledged children to prepare them for the arts in the future. Thank YOU LORD, in the name of YOUR precious son JESUS.