Quick Financial Healing Prayer

by Sheila (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Dear GOD,

I humbly come to you asking for you to grant me an abundance of money to clear myself of any and all debt. I am thankful for what you’ve provided me with so far. I know YOU bless me going and coming. Right now however, your child is scared. With Credit Card debt of $15,000 and student loans of $100,000, a daughter to raise on my own and provide for, I am severely in need of financial breakthrough’s.

Please see to it that my debts are cleared quickly so that I may purchase a home for us. At this particular time, my landlord is stating he’d like to sell the home. I’d like to own one of my own so that I never have that to worry about again. Then I could better focus on becoming the singer and actress I’d like to be. Right now, I’m working 2 jobs and I need more time with my daughter that you’ve blessed me with.

I’m crying…PLEASE HEAR ME LORD AND GRANT MY REQUEST. I want to eventually open a school for the arts in underserved communities but I feel so off track from where I’d like to be. Thank you in advance LORD.

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  1. greta says:

    Please pray for the speedy recovery of Mr.Gladwin, the healing of my brother Barnabas Barretto spiritually and physically and the successful completion of our financial job.

  2. linda says:
    Dear God a financial break through

    GODyou are ao great, youve been with me all way through
    Am in front of you asking for a financial break through
    Dry my tears pay off our debts dear God without you
    We Are lost hlp us leave this rent bless our business in order to pay off our loans guide us God we need yo help bless my children for they dont have school fees.look afta my brothers and sisters for their father is in prison all my family i have to cater for them
    Am sobbing God here my cry amen

  3. The Lord's gift says:
    financial healing

    Father God,our Lord and savour .i come to you as i am with notin in my hands. I pray for a financial breakthrough father,clear all my personal loans from fnb and capitec bank and 1life direct so that i may have money left to pay my accounts,rent and hv money left for my family.i am not only praying for myself but for my brothers and sisters out there who also need ur help.u know their heartz desires Lord,we thnk u for Jesus ,we thnk u for giving us the power to expose satans tactics and overcome his attacks,we say yes to you Lord. In thee O Lord i put my trust,that is y i am forwading all my issues to heaven(faith). Allelujah Amen,i receive and i declare my life will never be the same again for uv touched me.thnk u Lord

  4. Anonymous says:
    Please help me clear up years of debt.

    Dear Heavenly Father:
    You know my situation, my many years of debt to creditors and family members and 2 years of unemployment out of the last 3 years as well as a very poor credit rating due to not having enough income to pay off my debts. Please help me get a job and help me come up with other creative ways to get additional income so I have enough money to pay off my bills and my debts to family members too. Please help me get enough income to also be able to have an adequate savings for emergencies and enough money to give to the charities I want to support. Open up the windows of heaven in blessing me financially in unanticipated ways. Help me in ways that I have not even imagined to plan for being prepared for the future and helping others be prepared for future events. Help me to become a blessing to others and be able to give to others instead of being a burden on others and being in need of others help. Thank you in advance for your love and unlimited abundance in giving us more than we can ask or think. For yours is the power and the glory forever, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  5. Anonymous says:
    financial blessings

    Dear Father God, I come before you in the name of Jesus. Deliver me from al debt I have against me. All the amounts, the ones Oi’vve afflicted myself with and the ones I fell victim to through money launderes and fraudsters. I pray that you may Cut me loose from ever meeting such people in my life but if its your plan for me to meet them may the result turn into your glory. I know lord that You hear me and you see my tears. I pray that you will represent me in court when the time is due and that yyou will be my lawyer and representative. I thank thee for healing and the seperation in Jesus name I cover and seal this prayer in the name of Jesus Amen

  6. Helpless & feeling defeated says:
    Need a financial breakthrough ASAP

    Dear God, I am up to my eyeballs in debt, through no fault of my own. I am a hard-working mother and teacher of disabled children. My husband has been laid off from work three times. Although he has a job now, it doesn’t pay much and we cannot dig ourselves out from the debt we incurred when he was out of work. This debt is destroying our family. Lord please shows me what I need to do. I am not used to not having control over my finances and my life. I want to be able to adequately provide for my three children and leave them and their children something, other than debt. Dear Heavenly Father please send me a financial breakthrough and preserve our health so that we can do Your will. In Jesus name I pray.

  7. Anonymous says:
    Rescue Me Father

    Dear Father God I come to because I’m a lost and broken child. I’m empty God I have nothing left to give. Others say when you’ve done all you can do just stand. Well father God I’m standing before you as a scared broken minded little girl reaching up for her father hands. Please father help me take me in your arms and please comfort me allow me to feel safe and protected. Can I cry on your shoulders. Please father hold me tight and never let go lay my head close to your heart so that I can feel the warmth and the love beating from within that you have for the kind of love that a father has for his little girl. Help me father I’m at the bottom of the barrel broken and broke and so alone. Where do I go from here father? Help me rescue me I’m running not knowing where to go so I run into your arms hoping and wishing for you to save me. Please end this financial battle take away my pain erase away my tears heal my scars make me whole again Father

  8. Anonymous says:
    Financial prob

    Me and my husband are having problems with money,we both have debts to be paiD,we are raising not only our family,but my parents and nephews who are living with us,grant us the abundance of money,not only to pay our debts but to help others also,we wanted to help those who are in need.grant us the blessings,not only in terms of money,but as well as good health,unity,love faithfulness,good job for me,my husband and my whole family,in this I ask you through Christ our Lord.amen

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