Qualification Answered Prayer

by Alie (Scotland)

I was going through a really difficult time in my life and struggled to concentrate on anything…I felt as though I was just going through the motions of life. However this was especially difficult as I had a qualification to achieve to be able to keep my job…but no matter how much I tried to manage this I just couldnt do it..I was about to loose everything, I was so low and devastated, my time was running out as I had a dead line to meet. Then by accident I came accross the st Jude prayer and I reolised they where the words I had been looking for to ask God to get me through this..I said the prayer every night without fail along with my prayers to God and miraculously I achieved my qualification within a few months which would normally have taken around 1 year at least..

no one could believe it..I couldn’t believe it myself..I still can’t, I still remain in awe everytime I think of it..I always bring st Jude into my prayers now when I need the words to say to God for those extra desperate situations

So thank you st Jude for being my alie in times of despare and interceding with God to answer my prayers