by Larona Beauty Setlhabi (Africa, Botswana)

I woke up! woke up!

Pieces of glass surrounding me
Metal craps,gold,silver,copper
Tarnished diamonds on the ground
What is happening?
I thought i had it all figured out
But ey! i woke up! woke up!

I shuttered it all,all the dreams i thought i found
And now am bound
The house is down
Unfortunately am not in a gown
Yea! yea! am all naked
My ways wicked

God put me together
Mould me Abba into your will’s shape
For you live forever
Hold me, guide me, correct me, chasten me

I never felt your presence when am bored
So the devil took the ad and roared
Jesus is at God’s right hand
And He is sure of His band
The devil is busy throwing blows
And God i need you for my flaws
I need you God, put me together