Provision: home, ministry, job, longevity,

Oh gracious and loving God, please hear my prayer. You are the God who provides (Jehovah Jirah). Lord, you know all of my needs. You know my hopes and my greatest desires. You know my heart as even today I am saddened by the loss of a dear woman who always prayed for me.

Loving One you know the desire to serve and please You and yet I am wearied by the obstacles and challenges of life this day. Many say, ask for strength to endure the challenges they make you stronger. I ask in this hope that I be strengthened and yet still ask that you intervene by guiding me to the right people and places that we may find a home, that we may find and begin an active and prosperous vocation that honors you and our call of service, that our lives and marriage be one the lasts and honors You.

May even the words that we say, the thoughts that we have, the ways in which we interact with and toward others glorify You. Thank you, God! Thank You!!!