Providing for my children In need of urgent Help, Father

by Nicholas (Auburn, California, USA)

Dear God ,

Thank you for everything in life you have blessed me with .I have been working so hard and have stayed positive throughout and have had unforeseen circumstances out side of my control greatly affect my financial situation which is affecting my family’s well being and has caused me pain and heartache and nearly took my wife’s life. I pray for those people and forgive them for what they have taken from me I have worked so hard to start my business and would like the chance to see it through because I know in my heart it will be successful which will enable me to have the time I want to devote to my two amazing daughters that you have blessed me with and to see that my wife gets better. I now find myself without a home and am on the verge of loosing our only vehicle I have tried every avenue to my knowledge I tried public assistance but now that I am without an address that to is in jeopardy . God you know that I am very driven and passionate about everything I do in life and that i have always been one to give my heart to others and thats still who i am and am sure you are testing me for what lies ahead of me .

God I just ask that you can guide me to where you need me to be and to watch over my family and to allow me the tools I need to provide a safe healthy environment to raise my girls and so I may teach and love them . Please god for you know what I’ve been through in life and the person i have become God please allow me to continue to be the father I have been ,money has never been important to me or I should say I have never felt greed and would never think of praying for it but God My plate is overflowing and do not physically have time complete everything that needs to be done at this time but am still giving it my all so God if you could find a way to lift some of this financial burden It would meen the world to me .Please God I do not want to loose my family .

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