Protections against hater

by Tony ()

Has hard working hloyman,I knew evilness alway following me around every different location of my over the trucking delivery?!Of these uncivilized beyond lowers life retarded cracked dealers from hurricane Katrina victims from new orleans.These retarded crack drugs dealers going around following me every different city and different and saying am an big carteail drugs dealers?!The true the cold blood matter of there retarded dark side is they can’t read,they can’t written an statement letters and they also permanently lock out from jobs system and lock in homeless has cracke drugsdealer trying to make money is super dead end street and contractors killers looking for them behind payment is super beyond do to the bigman carteail.When I used the words “victorious”meaning I was bron has Lord of God child.I grown up in church of 10 years of Catholics Christian’s and 10 years of Baptist Christian’s and permanently to live the godly was of the Lord has my secrets priest,amen.Those lost sold cracked dealers haven’t not none of no times getting in to heaven,but the beyond higher percentage getting in to living h ell of the devil pit,amen.That why I used the “victorious”the Lord in control over evil forces trying distractions of my blessings and the Lord say am his child and it’s will be never distractions on this holy witch,amen.”Victorious”written on my name to the end of times,heavenly father,amen๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š.

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