Lord please guide my husband in making the right decision

Lord please guide my husband in making the right decision and not get the car. Financially, we can’t afford it and there’s no parking. We have a good running car. Please guide him in making the right decision and to take my anxiety away that he does.

Prayer for St Michael and St Raphael to guard and protect

Dear Lord, please send your Holy Spirit and Holy Angels -St Michael and St Raphael to guard and protect Sammy in all his travels. We request that you will be the pilot in all his flights and that Our Lady cover him with his mantle of maternal protection.

Safe travel

Dear Jesus, Savior and Creator of all mankind…..please give us a peaceful, happy, fast and uneventful journey home. May my children have no anxiety or fear and know only the Peace of Christ. Bless my husband as well and be his constant companion. I love you and thank you.

family prayer..

i pray that god can protect my kids, myself and husband from anyone doing any harm or negativity upon us. i pray just for us to be happy, safe, always close to each other in good and in bad. lord i pray for a better home and enviroment for us. lord please let us be … Continue reading “family prayer..”

Prayer for safe mail travel

I pray that the pictures that were just sent in the mail get to us safely as the pictures that were in them are irreplaceable. Amen

Please Protect My Family

Please protect my family especially my Daddy please pray for him, me, us that nothing negative will come near him, that his innocence will be proven somehow, that no one can harm him, that he will succeed with the truth, and become what he has worked for his entire life. That all the bad people … Continue reading “Please Protect My Family”

prayer to redeem the children

God please help the children of this world.Jesus feed those who are hungry, heal the sick, comfort those who need comfort ,lord be with those in pain, be the love of the unloved, father make happy all the miserable children ,clothe those without clothing ,be the parent t6o those without parents ,free those held captive … Continue reading “prayer to redeem the children”

Prayers for legal matters

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you will provide the legal representation that my son needs. I pray that you will give him the wisdom and faithfulness in the situations he is in. Please help to clearly know and follow your will. I pray for protection of him. I pray you persuade the judge in … Continue reading “Prayers for legal matters”

My Heavenly Father bless me with a God send husband

My Heavenly Father bless me with a God send husband, one that nobody can or will take away from me. Because you have given him to me father you said man shouldn’t live alone, so I ask of this. I pray in Jusus name Amen

Lord please protect me at my workplace

Lord please protect me at my workplace. Please assist me in deflecting harm others are doing against me in their thoughts, words, and actions. Please guide me to act as Jesus your son would. Please send Angel’s to protect and guide me. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Against the fire

Dear Lord I just wrote this special prayer and it disappeared before I was finished. You know what I fear most right now please give me peace for a restful night and have your Angels cover my daughter and granddaughter with their wings in the upcoming weeks for a resolution to their pain. Keep my … Continue reading “Against the fire”

Prayer for my safety travel

Please pray for my safety ill be travelling on august 28. keep me away from hindrances and doubtful people and immigration staff that always stop passengers. pray also for other travellers that they will not encounter the same thing like other do.please pray for my safety on my next journey in other country.thanking God for … Continue reading “Prayer for my safety travel”

Crying out to the Lord!!

It is easy for Christians to pray for Gods chosen people,or to send money to Israel,but that is not defending Israel and Her people,Gods chosen people,my prayer is that all Christian men go to Israel enlist in the Israeli army and fight alongside the Israeli soldiers,because anything less is like a slap in the face … Continue reading “Crying out to the Lord!!”

DNA paternity test to come out as i want

Dear my lovely God. I came to you ,I need you lord,Look at your son,he need a person to call his daddy,please help us our Dna testing to come out fine this time lord, please help an Innocent son lord, and bless him for me always ,show him your way and lead him. Amen.

Prayer for shield of protection for Joe

God send out your angels to protect my love from any harm as he travels to mexico place a shield around him so that no one can harm him. Almighty GOD protect every aspect of his journey and bring him back to our family in JESUS name amen….

Prayer for Help and Guidance

Jesus,i am a mother of a first year college girl.She is an average girl.As of this time,she is struggling with her subjects.I am requesting you Jesus to pls.help her by giving knowledge,increase her memory so that all her lessons will be absorbed in her brain and she will be able to write the right answers.May … Continue reading “Prayer for Help and Guidance”

Salvation for Son

Lord please protect my son from the consequences of his wrong doing. The pain he is filled with for wrong choices and the pain he has inflicted on others is having a huge effect on him. Dear Jesus may the bloodline of Jesus be always with Val and protect him from anxiety and depression attacks. … Continue reading “Salvation for Son”

Protection from electronic harassment

Please watch over and protect the innocent people who have become victims of group harassing,stalking and becoming I’ll from the perpetrators of electronic and internet abuse. Please let all the evil people be caught and punished on earth and in hell.

protect my mamma

please pray for my mamma-73 years old-she is preparing for a journey to her elder daughters house .it is far away from her house and she is very afraid of this journey because of her health.O JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH be with her on the way.Dear ST.RAPHEL, patron of traveler give her a good trip … Continue reading “protect my mamma”

Prayer for my boyfriend’s safety

Dear lord, please keep safe Marquez and family. There are people that are trying to harm him. Dear lord I beg that you keep all of his enemies far far away from him and his family. Please pray for him and his lovely family. Thank you for everything dear lord amen.

Please pray for my son’s addiction

This addiction is tearing and breaking everything apart.It is an endless nightmare,I’ve prayed every prayer there is and feel so helpless with this horrible situation,I never thought this could happen to me.I feel so desperate.

Prayer for our President Trump

Dear LordPlease protect Donald Trump and his family.. I pray that he will lead this country this is pleasing to you.Take the evil that surrounds him and toss it aside so that he can lead us and put God back in this land.. This we pray in Jesus nameAmen

Prayer for my alcoholic daughters saftey

I lift my grown daughter up that God will deliver her from the grip of alcohol and that during her time of drunkenness that God will protect her save her soul and let her soul awaken.

My brother just had a brain surgery

My brother just had a brain surgery though he is back home he still gets few episodes which are scary please pray for him to get better and not get any more problems please pray for his well been amen