Let God shower blessings upon her

She’s disturbing for a couple of months back by so-called black magic. Let God shower blessings upon her. She needs protection. And her family too. It disturbs her every time she’s alone at home. Heavenly father has mercy on us. Amen

Please protect me and my family from this problem

Dear Father , I ask you for your protection. Please protect me and my family from this problems wich we faced this days with. God We are in Trouble … Please Help us Because No One Can Help Us except of You … Please Father , Please … in Jesus Name I asked , Amen.

Praying for my son’s to find peace in their lives

Praying for my son’s to find peace in their lives, healing powers to make their pain go away. And prayers they can keep their jobs during these rough times. This is the season for prayers to come true if you believe.

Prayer to live according tO Gods will

I need prayers for Gods protection over my life and family and that God may bless the work of my hands and also bless my family for the enemies are all after me may God give me strength and wisdom to overcome this.

prayer for protection from enemies

Fathet in heaven.Gloryas God,Blessed be your name.save as from our liar enemies to against as.Bless our path whenever we going and share Your name.Amen

Prayer To Seek You Lord

Dear Heavenly Father,I come today wholeheartedly and ask that You come to me today,I want You to open up my heart to seek You, so that you can guide me throughout this path I have on this Earth,I am thankful for this life and I just want to feel your presence and follow You,Thank You … Continue reading “Prayer To Seek You Lord”

Pray for my sick mother

Please pray for my mom het name is sylviana colin who have a heart problem.please father protect her give her the strength and heal her.with out our presence they no Life of her ,Amen?