Mother Of Mine

Oh Lord when will my mother believe in Your Son. For nearly 10 long years, and her heart stirred none. I would like her to know thy beauty, but most of all your grace. Dear Lord pour out your mercy and truth upon her and open her heart that she fears no more, and understands … Continue reading “Mother Of Mine”

protection from evil spirits

(kenya) Dear God Please protect my kids from evil spirits and any harm. Please protect my daughter who is in boarding school and protect her any danger e.g. fire theft sickness. please send her a Guardian Angel to help her do her exams well

Prayer for guarding me

Dear Lord, thank you for guarding me, i was almost hit by other car today but with your protection im safe and okey. Lord please continue to guard and guide me especially when i am driving. Thank you, Lord for this new life.

Pray to protect my son

I need a prayer for my handsome son Amara. Guard and protected him from the evil one and from danger, hell every sickness that comes his way. It goes also for my family, please lord bless my family and guard us from all the dangerous things,lord help me.

Dear Lord please heal Marie

Dearest Lord, please heal Marie, your servant and restore her to Your service. I know all looks hopeless but Lord You and You alone have the power to restore her to health. I beg for Your help but seek Your will at all times.Amen.

Cyclist’s Prayer

Lord, protect us from harm as we go on this bike ride. Guide us away from accidents.Instill in us a level of awareness to thwart others who are inconsiderate to our vulnerability on the roadways.In your name we pray…Amen.

Spiritual healing/growth

Please pray that I would find the good open door the the Lord would have for me for financial protection which would spare me from family abuse. Thank you in Christ.

O Lord we ask you to bless our family with happiness and joy

O Lord we ask you to bless our family with happiness and joy of knowing you are beside us in all our struggles, pain and fear. That with you all can be conquered. That in your love we will find mercy and for you forgive all those who injure us.Amen.

protection and faith in God for rescue and finding 2 murderers

My friend was killed 2 weeks ago and police are looking for the killers there are 2 PLEASE PLEASE pray they find them without hurting me I’m scared..lamb of God protect my family and the family of my friend. O have not slept in 2 weeksweeks thank you Godless this is an URGENT prayer request

Lord please guide my husband in making the right decision

Lord please guide my husband in making the right decision and not get the car. Financially, we can’t afford it and there’s no parking. We have a good running car. Please guide him in making the right decision and to take my anxiety away that he does.

Prayer for St Michael and St Raphael to guard and protect

Dear Lord, please send your Holy Spirit and Holy Angels -St Michael and St Raphael to guard and protect Sammy in all his travels. We request that you will be the pilot in all his flights and that Our Lady cover him with his mantle of maternal protection.

Safe travel

Dear Jesus, Savior and Creator of all mankind…..please give us a peaceful, happy, fast and uneventful journey home. May my children have no anxiety or fear and know only the Peace of Christ. Bless my husband as well and be his constant companion. I love you and thank you.

family prayer..

i pray that god can protect my kids, myself and husband from anyone doing any harm or negativity upon us. i pray just for us to be happy, safe, always close to each other in good and in bad. lord i pray for a better home and enviroment for us. lord please let us be … Continue reading “family prayer..”

Prayer for safe mail travel

I pray that the pictures that were just sent in the mail get to us safely as the pictures that were in them are irreplaceable. Amen

Please Protect My Family

Please protect my family especially my Daddy please pray for him, me, us that nothing negative will come near him, that his innocence will be proven somehow, that no one can harm him, that he will succeed with the truth, and become what he has worked for his entire life. That all the bad people … Continue reading “Please Protect My Family”

prayer to redeem the children

God please help the children of this world.Jesus feed those who are hungry, heal the sick, comfort those who need comfort ,lord be with those in pain, be the love of the unloved, father make happy all the miserable children ,clothe those without clothing ,be the parent t6o those without parents ,free those held captive … Continue reading “prayer to redeem the children”

Prayers for legal matters

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you will provide the legal representation that my son needs. I pray that you will give him the wisdom and faithfulness in the situations he is in. Please help to clearly know and follow your will. I pray for protection of him. I pray you persuade the judge in … Continue reading “Prayers for legal matters”

My Heavenly Father bless me with a God send husband

My Heavenly Father bless me with a God send husband, one that nobody can or will take away from me. Because you have given him to me father you said man shouldn’t live alone, so I ask of this. I pray in Jusus name Amen

Lord please protect me at my workplace

Lord please protect me at my workplace. Please assist me in deflecting harm others are doing against me in their thoughts, words, and actions. Please guide me to act as Jesus your son would. Please send Angel’s to protect and guide me. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Against the fire

Dear Lord I just wrote this special prayer and it disappeared before I was finished. You know what I fear most right now please give me peace for a restful night and have your Angels cover my daughter and granddaughter with their wings in the upcoming weeks for a resolution to their pain. Keep my … Continue reading “Against the fire”