Prayer for my Protection

Dear Lord, I read so many people with problems worse than mine and I feel so bad for them. Please answer their prayers and protect them from harm and sorrow. I pray for my sick friends who need you, also. It hurts me to see them suffer so much alone. I need your protection from … Continue reading “Prayer for my Protection”

Protection from lawsuit

Lord, thank you for your great love and mercy, please protect my daughter and her bosses from this lawsuit, please put an immediate stop to this plot, let no evil forces or plots against her and the company prevail , please fill her with your holy spirit, your peace and your merciful love as she … Continue reading “Protection from lawsuit”

A cyclists mothers prayer

Dear Lord, Please help my child to be the safest rider out there and to ride smart,instinctively using what he/she knows. Help my child to be the best there is out there and to avoid all harm that might come to him/her.Help him/her to focus on the goal and to be good. To help him/her … Continue reading “A cyclists mothers prayer”

Prayer for protection

Dear god I thank you always for listening to my prayers I’m asking god to help me anything that not of god god guide protect me from any enemies please god help me who wants to destroy me god cannot let enemies win god protect me shield me Jeanette pere cover me with blood of … Continue reading “Prayer for protection”

Christ be with David

The cross of Christ be with David; The cross of Christ overcomes all water and every fire; The cross of Christ overcomes all weapons; The cross of Christ is a perfect sign and blessing to his soul. May Christ be with David and his body during all his life At day and at night. Now … Continue reading “Christ be with David”

Prayer to Lift Us

Dear Lord I ask that you lift up me and those who I love. Though they may have forgotten you I have not. So I ask you father lift us in Jesus name. Show us your love your compassion your protection and open their heart’s to remind them of your presence. Protect them as you … Continue reading “Prayer to Lift Us”

Prayer for Court Case

Dear Prayer Members, I need your special prayers for a very sensitive cause and intention…Please pray for my husband, MS, he has a case to attend on 25th March ’13…please lift him up to our Lord Jesus and pray that he may come out of it victorious and proved Not Guilty and Innocent and the … Continue reading “Prayer for Court Case”

My Protection Always

Dear Lord, I come to you today in earnest prayer. I struggle each day to not worry. I know you are protecting me. I have too much alone time to think. I only have you to talk to and to listen to me. I have good days and I have bad days. The past few … Continue reading “My Protection Always”

Prayer for Bad thoughts

Dear God, I pray that you alleviate this burden I’m carrying. I pray that you clear out my mind, body and soul of these horrible thoughts I’ve had regarding my safety. I pray that you lead me closer to you and not astray. I pray that you are listening when I talk to you. I … Continue reading “Prayer for Bad thoughts”