Protection from relentless evil

by Maxwell ()

Lord God, Jesus Christ in all of your omnipotence and mercy, from your love and divinity please I beg you to deliver me from those who so insidiously pursue me all of my days and each of their nights. They mean to drive me to madness, to influence me to commit the most egregious of all sins and take my own life. They torture me without conscience and they follow and ridicule me for sport. I cannot know who they are and they will not reveal themselves to me out of cowardice and spite. They mean to break my spirit and swallow my soul and I am afraid of bowing. I have so far been able to maintain my wits but I am tired Lord God, Jesus Christ. I am lost and I am tired. Please work through me and for me that I may find renewed strength and vigor with which to fight this oppressive and unnecessary evil and all of its trespasses into my life and my heart. That I may grow to understand that for all of their malignancy and Ill intent I must adopt for them love and compassion. God please help me to watch my words and my actions that they may not injure or cut or deceive. Help me check the meditation of my heart and my soul that it bears fairness and forgiveness and hopefulness. Let my path and my choices be acceptable in your sight. Remove from me the wickedness which engulfs my life and the hatred and evilness which so foully permeates my world. Take
From me the demons and the soldiers who come on satans errands to wreck me and detour me, to stain my soul that I may turn away from your grace instead of basking in its lights. Keep me in that light Lord God, and continue to work in my heart and in my life. Accept my sincere apology for my trespasses against your grace and forgive me for all of my shortcomings, sins and failures, now and in the future. Please continue to know my heart and to read its love for you and my angels and my family. Strike down those who aim to hurt me and bestow me with enough wisdom to accept and forgive their sharp tongues and ignorant judgment. Keep me humble and allow me to love forward. In your name Lord God and in the name of your son Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit in its infinite glory I pray. Amen. Maxwell, your faithful servant.

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