Protection from my ex-husband.

by A (Pacoima, CA)

Lord God, I plead for your protection. Protect me from any more harm from my ex husband. he left me to marry another woman, which hurt me a lot. I went through a lot of pain, depression, anxiety and even thoughts of suicide. Now he has returned not live with me but asking that i take him back and work things out. I’m refusing to take him back even though I still love him.

And it hurts so much not to be able to be together because of his long history of infidelity. I hear now that he is returning to his wife and even though it’s impossible for me and him to be together, it hurts me to find out that he is with another woman, whether it be his new wife and a new girlfriend. I’m tired of hurting for him.

Please Lord protect me, I don’t want to cry anymore. Lord send your angels to guide me and protect me at all times from this man. I know I am a sinner and don’t deserve anything. I am a bad follower, a bad leader and constantly disappoint you Lord, please forgive me and protect me. I love you Jesus, even though I don’t show it.

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  1. You are strong

    You are a strong Christian woman with deep faith in God, so I am sure He will heal you and answer your prayers. Not all marriages come from the Lord, and clearly yours doesn’t. You need to heal from this horrible man, so I will pray for you that you will find inner peace.

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