Protection from my Drug Mother and all of her nasty evil ways

by Darrick (Charlotte Nc)

*This is a serious prayer, so please EVERYBODY out there pray for me and my family*

My mother has a serious drug and alcohol problem and she really needs help! Im so sick and tired of her nasty evil ways words and her nasty ass comments I come to you asking you and begging you to please pray that God will bless me and my family with his POWERFUL PROTECTION AGAINST Her please ask god to please shield me and protect me from her nasty evil heartless words ways and comments!

Please dont let her ask me for any extra money or can she borrow some money from me I will NOT SUPPORT NOBODY DRUG HABIT I WILL NOT HELP ANYBODY WHOS WORSHIPS THE DEVIL OR DO THE DEVIL WORKS! PLEASE DONT LET HER LEAVE ME ANY KIND OF NASTY MASSEGES ABOUT MONEY CALLING ME A LIAR WHEN Im not dont her accuse me of anything at all!

Please ask god to not let her say anything to me about stopping by the store trying to bring her cigarettes or a beer please ask god to not; let her leave me any kind of notes in my room talking about everybody needs to gives her money for the store or ask to borrow money from me No notes on the kitchen table about giving money as well! She really hurt me cause I go out my way for her and she should never ever ask me for anything Extra at all god please bless my with house with Peace of mind and rest especially in morning dont let her start up anything with me or my family!

Please ask god to please forgive me for all of my sins past and present and please DONT REBUKE ME OR THESE WORDS THAT I WRITE TO YOU PLEASE ASK GOD TO SHGIELD ME AND PROTECT ME PLEASE


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  1. Lord hear my prayer

    Lord, Your will be done. I pray for protection and peace for Darrick. Father, give him a sound mind to continue to do what is right before You and come to You for his prayer. Father in the name of Jesus, rebuke the devil and his evil ways and possession over his mother. I pray the Prince of Peace, Jesus to stomp on his plans to steal, kill and destroy. She’d Your mercy upon their lives. Amen

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