Protection from a selfish Evil MInded women and her family

by Singaram Vasudevrao (Hyderabad,TS,India)

Lord please help me out from this devil minded women and her family giving us trouble,lord we are very much suffering and we are in distress for great selfish marriage with me and we all became a monster food for her,really truly

my lord you have save us and help us out from her,we been stuck fro her great evil minded plan,please release us from her.Lord we believe in you and we have faith on you,right no release holy power full blessings and surround us right now and protect us from every bad evil spirits,and people who are behaving like,lord give me strength and courage and good knowledge and show me the light in darkness,make me to take right decision my family is dependent upon me,lord please make me strong and give me will power to fight against every bad evil minded selfish people and from evil spirits,lord remove the fear and nervous and stress,and depression from my mind and body totally and completely,give me peace of mind and make tension free,it is all because of one women coming in my life,please destroy her she is not right to you son and his family,lord how this big mistake is happen with me doing marriage is became great and big sin in my life because of me my family is also in trouble,lord we are innocent,and you know every thing what as happened and and what is going on us right now,lord please you have to teach them a lesson all those who have supported her who have given us trouble in our lives willingly,lord please please i beg you right from the knees and from my bottom of my heart,with lots of faith and belief your son…,

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