Protection for Me, MOM & Dad family

by Peggy ()

We need protection from a young man who may try to retaliate when he is released from Prison – he used to be saved and a friend of the family and turned to a bad 30 year old who gets released Oct 14, 2019 and I don’t want him near me nor my family. He has bad ways – please pray that he will not bother us. Thank you!

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  1. Advise and praying for you

    He probably was never truly a believer or follower of Jesus.
    I would say, to seek the guidance of Jesus Christ. He may guide you to move to a location where he will not find you. Remember, right after Jesus was born, Herod wanted to kill Jesus. In a dream, God told Joseph to flee to Egypt until Herod’s death.

    So, seek the council of Jesus. I am praying, that this person will NEVER be allowed near your property.

    Also, try bringing your concern to nearest police station. Ask them if they could keep an eye on your property at night.
    Get a really good alarm system that alerts the police! ! They have silent alarms. They do work at keeping harmful people away. Keep a pad in your bedroom! ! (Key pad)


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