Protection for loved ones and myself during travel.

by Jessica (US)

Dear lord,

Please don’t let me have jinxed anything by worrying so much about Gaurav’s safety and questioning Gaurav about the safety of Mumbai. Please keep him safe from harm. Please watch over him and keep him safe dear lord. Please don’t let any of my worrying jinx him from safety.

Dear lord,
My family, loved ones, and I will be traveling throughout the week. Please keep us safe from harm. Please lord, please watch over Gaurav as he travels throughout Mumbai. Please keep a watchful and protective eye on him and grant him safety and protection. Please lord, please let my flight reach Mumbai safely and please let Gaurav and I meet at the airport with us both safe and protected. When we meet, please let us hug and celebrate the fact that God’s grace answered our prayers for safety and protection. Please watch over my parents and protect them during their flight and travel throughout Hawaii and the surrounding islands. Please keep them safe from harm. Please lord, please protect Gaurav, his parents, my parents, and myself from harm. Please watch over our travels and please protect us. Please let Gaurav and I meet safely in Mumbai under your grace and protection.

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