Protection & favor

by cynthia drum ()

ABBA Father God please forgive my aggressiveness. (1st time incident) I asked a neighbor to remove her dog from my garden area. She continued to let it do unnecessary things with disrespect laughing. I am so grateful for your grace and mercy in my life. I’ve so much going on You God are my refuge. It is so volatile in my progressive neighborhood towards Christian’s. I don’t want to grief the Holy Spirit or my 40yrs here. Im 63 now and low the young parents w/children I can share God’s love to. Praying for potection from gossip, verbal rebuttal. My reputation is good and as well as Christian influence among so many. Let the no weapons prosper against and my enemies scatter. Let this incident be wiped from memory and the lady see you in me. I’ve never meant her before and pray your grace and mercy. For give me where I faultered and let me be transformed by You. In the Holy Blessed Name of Jesus Christ our Lord of Lords and King of Kings🙏Amen Bless those who hear my heart & pray for me and this neighbor. Abundantly measured blessings In Jesus Name Amen

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