Protection, Faith, and Hope

by Ty ()

Please pray for family especially daughter who does not speak often due to bullying and my as well that I’ve been shaking up as you’d guess due to enemies attacking my finances and my new marriage as well… I’m losing hope as some evils have tricked me and done voodoo with our pictures. Lately my husband has become cold and unloving and I feel my heart is hurting a lot bc my Ex- friends have betrayed and bad mouth me when all I ever did was good for them in the past. I’ve lost a lot of finances due to scams. Witchcraft others have done were very vindictive and crafty in their schemes. My heart hurts a lot because I’ve not been bad to these folks and now I’m waking up knowing this person may have messed up my credit scores too so ow my life is much harder with focusing only on my problems..I pray for. Good marriage, safe Heaven, and protection from these evil Jezebel spirits to leave us. The spirit of lack sent was evil too. I asked that you help me clear this messy life for I’m trying not to hurt a lot from within….I had to borrow money from my parents due to stress and illnesses posed upon me. Thank you so much, may God Bless you and keep you!

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