Protection and ,guidance and favor

by Denedra Mccoy ()

Lord touch paul Lloyd heart and give him the strength and courage
deliver him from all strong holds on his life show him that I care for him deliver him from the lust and temptation of this sinful world of sins in lighten his to see in the blood of Jesus let him respect me and show me love but if I dont get it back it’s ok I love him UNCONDITIONAL remove all strong hold off his life that is in the way of me and him let him give it a try to be here with me and I pray that we will be as one in christ Jesus let him make a comment to do rigth by me renew a rigth spirit with in his heart for me and let him make a comment to marry me and we live a happy life together LORD show favor and give me more protection on my job and keep the enemy away from me bless me in my fiances open doors for me to move to the rigth place looking for a reasonable place for me to live bless me to get transportation to get to and from work LORD I need my job and need a way to make it there and to get there on time LORD I need you favor upon every area of my life I declare and I decree all you BLESSING you have INSTORE upon me in Blood of Jesus Holy Name Amen

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