Protection and finances

by Shirley ()

Urgently need prayer for my property that they stole… My property I stay here now 24 years… Paid since 1996 -2016… I started having  financial problems with divorce in 2016… My life just went down financially broke me and so much hurt… My house payments defaulted and I was so broken emotionally with life… I asked the bank to pay what I could afford they refused… Asked them to extend the loan term they refused I told them what’s happening financially I can’t cope but will pay what I can afford, but still they refused… I became so miserable because the divorce I had to get a lawyer and pay them also more expenses… I had so many debts and life challenges was in such a big mess everything was bad…but I did not want to give in to all of this I tried to fix what I could… I defaulted on my property for 2years… My life got better again and I felt now I’ll fix everything… This area  where I stay they discovered there’s sinkholes and the properties have no value it must be demolished… Engineers test it’s not good and has a high security risk… Theres a Court Case now… They will tell us what will happen… Meanwhile I tried now get back with my life my house was Auctioned and i could not stop it… And the bank I updated them about what Engineers discovered I send proof and told them of this areas sinkholes… They did not listen they went ahead to Auction my property… This properties can’t be sold at all… I am in a bad dilemma my property is been sold which I suspect it’s stolen… I feel it in my gut why would they sell and know everything that this houses will be demolished… I paid so much already until my bad divorce that made me suffered financially and was bullied by the bank in my suffering… Now that I know this is wrong with the Engineers  findings my property was stolen by evil people… I know God sees and I told my Father this is not right… Please help me with urgent strong prayers… I’m a child of God and I love Him… And I know us Christians suffer mostly but we are strong and I won’t give in for the devil’s tricks… I know I can’t fix all of this please help me with strong prayers I don’t want to give up knowing my blessings is coming…. I just want what the devil stole from me… My property God give it to me that I know this it’s not over until God say’s that….this people who bought the property they asked me when I can move… I kept quiet busy to investigate because there’s alot of single women that had the same problem like mine…but they managed to stop all the schemes of the devil few years ago… So he came to my door and I won’t allow him that… I’m a single mom and I can’t go anywhere this is my only security I have… I refuse that evil get me down and out… I asked for protection in my battle and pray the devil is under my feet…people told me already these guy’s are crooks they work with other’s in the bank and the sheriff of the court…so all the corrupt things that’s happening I know God will stop it… Please pray they will not put me out and keep them away for this is mine… God gave me a title deed with my name longtime and it’s mine… I just need prayers that God will stop everything and I will get my life back again… It’s urgent please I don’t even go to work I’m running around for help and I’m broke…I need to get help please pray that some one will help me that is genuine… This world is bad everyone for himself and came across it lately… Pray that God will send Angels my way and help me to get my property back… Keep these people away from me my property so the law can run it’s rightfull course and I’ll get what’s mine… The law is in God’s hands and my life… Amen

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