Protection and deliverance for and from toxic people I love and know including myself

by Sally ()

Please pray to Father God with me regarding the toxic people I have and come across in my life.(including myself) ,due to damage and dysfunction. I have ended up being a fearful people pleaser,approval seeker ,attracting needy “waifs and strays” that drain me and leave me feeling more damaged and broken than before.Thanks to the Lords love and mercy I am getting to see and understand my patterns and compulsions and the reasons why I feel the need to do this,however even though my motives and intentions are good I have realised they are not Godly motives and intentions and I end up feeling angry,resentful,bitter,damaged,frustrated,unforgiving and burnt out and a hindrance to the Lords plans,desires,love,help,grace and mercy to and for myself and others. I end up either being someone others want and need me to be, walking away,or isolating myself which ends up in poor me,victim mode and being inauthentic,getting lost and distant from Jesus. Please pray to Father God for me that He will heal and deliver and protect me from this tendency,to solely rely on Him to work in me and those around me only and to trust that He knows what is best for us and that only He is the great healer,restorer,physician,help and deliverer of hurt people who hurt people. God bless.

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  1. Thank yous so much

    I want to honestly thank you guys for this awesome site ,I’m far from home going thru some problems with evil persons.i pay their rent up for a week and the blood suckers want MORE and more never thank you,just what else can we get,food and Cigarettes aren’t enough they want more and more and more thank you guys for listening to me being there as a shoulder to lean on means a lot to me my name is Johnny And I’m writing from Las Vegas Sin City where enough is never enough thank you guys

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