Protection against all evil from harming me

by Dee (Bronx, NY)

Dear Prayer Warriors:

An evil neighbor has paid someone to use evil forces/curse to cause me harm. This has been going on for over 6 years and I cannot get these demons off me. Please pray for me for the complete removal and everlasting protection against these evil forces. Please remove and block them from my life and surroundings. Please I beg God to surround me with his Guardian Angels.

I am a college MS degree student and I graduated last year but, every-time I go for a job interview, once I pass the interview, I am them told the job has been canceled. Recently, I used a car service to take me to an 2 pm interview and it was late and I didn’t arrive to my interview until 3:15 pm. I therefore, did not get to do the interview and I was told I had to reschedule.

Please pray for me to bless with God’s strongest protection from the evil forces that are attacking me. Please Dear God surround me with your angels for constant protection so that I may successful complete all of my goals and live a life of safety and prosperity.

Dear God, I ask for your continued favor, mercy, grace, and protection. Lord, please help me to successfully be granted an 2nd interview at FDNY and to get the job at the FDNY.

In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

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