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Pray that God fights for the president of Ukraine Volodymir Zelenskyy against assassins who want to eliminate him. Pray that God protects the president Volodymir Zelensky and keeps him safe. Pray for Ukraine and its people that God fights for them. Pray that the angel of the most High, the Saint Michael the Arch Angel and His armies of God take charge of this world by the power of God and reduce impacts of evil and defend humans souls by the power of God according to divine mandate Pray for the mighty Angel of peace that by the power of God, the Angels of peace is able to achieve great exploits against wars and against differences, against wars and against all darkness of tumults and turmoil in the name of Jesus Christ. by the mandate and power of God Almighty in Jesus name. Pray for the saints the Holy Angels of God and the heavenly holy ones that they manage to play a powerful role in determining a destiny and a direction that demonstrates God’s will in the war on Ukraine. Pray that all that must take place in order from Jesus Christ to return for rapture takes place as it ought to be and on time in Jesus name. Pray that Jehovah God in His mercy cuts short the days of eh present tribulation of these days and cuts it short in righteousness , so that the righteous are not overwhelmed , so that the righteous do not fall . Pray that God’s mercies be towards is people in Jesus name. Pray that Russia does not succeed to destroy many souls made in the image and likeness of God. Pray that nuclear war is either halted or if it occurs, it is arbitrated by God Almighty and casualties reduced in Jesus name. Pray that God dresses His holy ones, saints the holy Angels heavenly armies, the saints holy ones, earthly armies of God ,be dressed with the full armor of God and be given the weapons that are lethal to the devil and his forces. Pray that God triumphs over the forces of the darkness in Jesus name. Pray that God arises and His enemies be scattered. Pray that the Angel of peace triumphs one earth in these end times in reducing tensions and differences and hatreds and wars and tumults in Jesus name and that peace will prevail according to God’s will . Pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Pray that what must take palace in order for Jesus Christ to return takes place as according to God’s will in Jesus name. Pray that a revival of good health salvation, healing, deliverance, blessings, infilling and baptism of Holy spirit ills all the saints of God by the beatings of Jesus Christ.
Pray that the Holy Spirit of God and the heavenly armies of God Almighty the saints Holy Angels Holy ones bring a mighty revival of the love of God, of holiness, righteousness, justice, hope, mercy , grace, eternal salvation, healing deliverance, good health, blessings, salvation, eternal complete and uttermost salvation, the presence of God, the light of God and the glory of God to cover the nations of eh world in Jesus name. pray that the light of God shines on eartn to the glory of God.

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