by Shirley George ()

Yesterday an Agent came with clients to view my property and it’s becoming a habit… I keep telling this perpetrators to wait the High Court decision but nothing… I want the Court to hear my story how unfair everything was done… The Courts are pending for now all Cases… But these guy’s are doing away to sell my property to gain profit… And that’s against the law of which they want to run away with… They perpetrators in stealing people’s properties for many years already… And on my property I won’t give my blessings to satan…when it’s God’s possession that He gave to me to inherited long time ago… These guys do unlawful deals and schemes always and I want them to be stop… One of them gave documents to the clients saying everything is according the law which is wrong… satan turns stories around to get what he wants and his a liar and must be stop…I got the police involved since but they listen to the perpetrators mostly since I called them for help…they treated me like I was the suspect all the time…I am budeclaresy with South African Police Services about all of this to intervene… I logged a Complaint and I want the law runs its course fairly because my rights was violated all the time… They never served and protected me they sided with the perpetrators mostly…. Meanwhile these perpetrators are trying by all means to sell and get profits and run, so they not to be caught for illegal schemes… But all will be stop by the Blood of Jesus Christ I and decree… God will never leave and forsake me I Believe and Trust Him always… Please pray for me I really need this to come to pass… It’s done already and I need strength not to quit but to Hold on to Jesus Christ…. Amen

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