Protecting from evil neighbours

by Mani ()

Dear Lord,
We want you to help and protect us from our evil neighbours who are spying on us,spreading evil about us.They are succeeding in their activities to turn people against us and creating havocs in our lives.We have struggled lot to reach this phase of our life.We made lot of sacrifices to build our home but these neighbors are ensuring that we will not have peace of mind and will sell this home of ours at cheap rate and go off.They are very jealous of us.We tried our level best to help them and be good with them bu they seems to be least bothered about it and day by day their bad deeds are increasing.Lord we both are really tired and just holding onto this hope that things will change.Miracles will happen but sometimes looking at their confidence and way of behavior I doubt sometimes if things will really change.We are very peace loving people.We dont gossip or spy on others.We just want to live our life.These people havent even shifted yet but since one and half year they have not let a single day pass by without peacefully.We are feeling really low and disappointed.Father you are our only strength,ray of hope,please dont leave your kids alone.We need you.We followed what you preached of loving thy neighbor but in return they used us and created more issues for us.Please lord,give us strength.We both need peace ,love ,affection and these people are just making our life miserable.Please help us.


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  1. Prayer

    I don’t know where you are from, but I am in USA and this sounds very much like what I am dealing with.
    Sounds like you need a new place to live. That might be thw only way to escape these powers of darkness.
    Take the blood of Jesus, your double-edge sword, claim your territory in Jesus Name. I pray that Jesus will open a new door for you to walk through.
    Until then, annoit your living area with oil. Claim the blood of Jesus over your living area. Command these demons to leave in Jesus Name. They must obey.
    Ask Jesus to send His mighty warrior angels to guard your living area. A guard at each entrance.
    I pray, that a new place will open for you.


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