protect our relationship, protect our minds

Dear Lord, thank you Father God for all of the blessings you have placed in my life. Forgive me for my and my boyfriends sins that we both have committed. I pray Father that you protect me and my boyfriends mind from all negativity. for all that is not from you father. that you clear all confusion!! Heavenly Father that you restore our relationship that you make us stronger than we were before. that you Father fill our hearts and minds with peace and love. Father God that you show us what Love really is and Love each other just the way you taught us. that you take away all fear doubts and record of wrongs. That you God teach us to be patient and kind that you take away all feelings of jealousy and prideful ways. Father show us to love you more than we love ourself. Father that you fill our minds with positive thoughts. We release all fear and doubts we release all of our pain from the past. that you help us realize and appreciate each other’s worth. that you help us fulfill our purpose together on this earth. Lord show us the way lead us the path and that we never lose our way Father I pray that no man can separate us because I know you brought us together! free us from all anxiety and temptations and distractions that have tried over and over again to destroy our relationship. Lord I pray that we always put you first. That us a couple we serve YOU Lord.I ask all this with your grace glory and mercy in Jesus almighty name. Amen

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