Protect my son from all temptations and all evil

(Tempe Az)

Lord, I fear for my son Oscar. He has been hanging out with the wrong group of friends please Lord depart him from all temptation and take him away from the darkness. Keep Oscar away from his so called friends and all those I have not mentioned.

Also Lord, make sense to this young men and lead them to healthier positive decisions.
Lord, pick up Oscar and show him the path of love and truth and strength so that he keeps forward in his school and not give up like he has been. Make his school and work priorities and a better way of managing his sleeping schedule and patterns. Make those late night stop. Getting home after 1am or 3am is not a normal time to get home and only sleep 4 hrs and go to school. I can’t understand how he can manage in class being tired and grouchy because he is not rested.

Result of his sleeping schedule and patterns his attitude is also changing to more aggressive towards me. Lord, please hear my prayer.
Into your hands I commit my spirit.
Help me safe my son from the darkness.
Keep him focus in school keep him united with family and stay home… Lord, help Oscar share more time doing things with siblings and family members… I pray please join me in prayer. I need you all. Amen

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