Protect my father & support him to gain in the case.

by Balamuthu Manickam S (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Heavenly Father & almighty god,

My parents honestly earned the properties but neighbors torturing my parents on illegal way, this month end court case will be declared kindly protect my parents my humble request the court case should favor our parents honest effort and earnings.

I am honestly putting my efforts in my daily work, still i am facing difficulties unable to come up to show the good work progress, success in my daily job is important moment to improve my moral and supporting to my family.

Please bless my wife to have good health today she is going for election duty for two days, kindly protect her and give all cooperation from everyone.

Lord Jesus mercy on me, bless my wife and my hailing parents, forgive me on my sins, kindly guide me on my daily activities.

Thank you for providing wonderful life, job opportunity… bless our family… give peaceful mind peaceful life to us….

Thanking you lord

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