Protect My Family And Apartment

by Tara ()

I am asking God to reveal whatever it is with my friend Jackie who is homosexual and her female friend house that she keeps going over. I have been very concern and I feel something isn’t right about my friend dealing with these women. Jackie has been lying to me and my family. We have tried to encourage her to come out of this way of living but nothing changes except her seeking revenge on us. She doesn’t respect our Christian beliefs and continues trying to sneak, take advantage of us letting her live here until she gets a place. I have caught her in a lie more than once and she has admit that the friend house she been going to has encourage her to lie to us so she can keep coming over there with them and not saving money for a place. I ask that God step in and deal with this situation. I’m tired of my friend telling lies, being sneaky, trying to take advantage of my family helping her and not respecting our Christian beliefs. She purposely doesn’t help clean and other things as a way of seeking revenge cause we don’t agree with her lifestyle yet we help her all the time. So I pray that God will reveal to me whatever it is with her, all this deception and these so called friends house she keeps going over. I pray that any kind of evil she tries to do to us and bring in this apartment God wipes it out in Jesus Name. I try so hard not to lash out and get hostile because I can’t stand to see how she does us and we have always been here for her. So I pray that God will deal with her and correct her from what she keeps trying to do not just to us but any other person that helps her in the future. Amen.

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