Protect Me from My Sins

Dear God in Heaven, In the name of Jesus please protect me from the wrath of my own sins. Sometimes I make mistakes not to harm anyone, strangers, friends or family but, to help me through tough times like these. I would never ask for anything that I did not need. I will never take something from someone else and I would always stand up and help those in need. But sometimes I also need help. So I look for ways that are not harmful to anyone else but may not be completely truthful in your eyes, like withholding information for financial assistance. But I only do it because I need it not out of greed. I could not afford negative consequences to come my way because of my actions. So please protect me from my sins and place me into a potistion in which I could do better. In the meantime please guide my mistakes and make them work for me not against me. You know my situation, needs, and desires are all done to get me through. But so long as I can keep my job, my husband, have a loving healthy and perfect baby boy in Aug, parents and family, knowledge of self, determination to succeed, ability to help others, get out of debt, and live out my dreams all in your name and with your help, I know I will be okay and you will protect me and see me through.

I always come to you first and look for your help so Lord please help me and keep me focused and keep me on a bright path and positive future. Let me have abundance and one day soon be able to give back to others in need the way you have given to me, in my time of need. My vision has not changed but has become more pertinent than ever before. Please keep me safe and allow me to fullfill my dreams on this earth and when I make mistakes know that they are done out of need rather than greed. Please forgive me!!!!!

I love you and I need you as always to walk these papers through the proper channels and allow them to be processed successfully…. In the name of Jesus Chirst I pray, AMEN!!!!

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