Protect me from my enemies

by Jamilla ()

Please pray for me to find peace and protection at work from jealous and wicked colleagues and a negative gossiping boss. Lord only you know my heart and you know I am a God fearing and loving person. Yet in my daily life I struggle to overcome stress from work. If it is your will Lord help me to find a job that fits my personality. One that I can go to and not feel stressed and overwhelmed everyday. Lord I know stress causes many issues in the body and I pray that you grant me Your peace that surpasses understanding.
Protect me and my family, cover us under Your blood, help us to overcome life’s daily challenges. It is a wicked and sinful world we live in and without You we will be lost. Keep me focused on You Lord knowing You are working things out for my good. Help me not to grumble and complain about my life that I may see Your hand working in it. Help me to let go of things I cannot change in order for me to see the path You are guiding me on. Help me to forgive and not store resentment that might block Your Blessings in my life.
Lord Jesus You have been here and You know the difficulties and challenges we face being Christians in this world. But despite these challenges remind me daily that You have overcome this world in order for us to have life eternal.
Protect me from the constant stumbling blocks the enemy puts in my way in order to make me loose my Faith. Open my eyes that I may not be deceived by his tricks and that I may see his followers that he puts in my way to make me fall.
Above all else Lord protect me and my family cover us under Your blood and keep Your angels close to us.
I may not always understand what Your plans are, but help me to have the Faith to know You are working things out for my good.
Thank you for always being there and may You continue to hold fast to me and I to You is my prayer, in Jesus name Amen.

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