~Protect me & care for me Lord Jesus please because my stalking bullies are still at it.~

by Darla ()

Dear Lord Jesus,
Don’t let that cold-hearted Polish reptile of a woman that bullied me out of my tenancy win,or her boyfriend that is still following me around in his little red/black car win.Don’t let these people drag me down Lord.I seem to be attracting an unfairly high level of nastiness and bullying and hatred but why? This Daniel who followed me AGAIN today,I came off the bus at a place out of town and saw him again,following me like he did when he went to York and followed me and his evil Polish girlfriend is pretty good at getting her own back.I could never hurt anyone the way she has been trying to hurt me.I have never bullied anyone in my entire life and yet I have a group if people including hackers and people online and local people watching me and what I do hoping with their petty nastiness that they can affect my psychological health and the police never have enough evidence to stop them,and why? Because I’m human and got stressed before and maybe overreacted a bit by saying the wrong thing because I was being mistreated by being patronised unfairly in Bridlington? So then I got a load of nasty narrow minded bigots trying to make me into someone stupid and small. ~ I think the relentlessly of it directed at me is disgusting.What kind of people are these people? Stop them please Lord Jesus according to God’s will and show the people up who are telling lies about me to be the bullies they are.Thanks.Amen.

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