Prosperous size and see visions

by Bobby ()

Praying for me to receive the gifts of visions that I’d can see people that I’d no not doing to well in there body. I’d want to be connected to ebony Nicole Tallis spirit that I’d can no how she are doing because she have health problems heart problem. I’d want to see clearly vision on ebony Nicole Tallis when she not feeling the best I’d want a miracle blessed that I’d can praying for people that my hand be annionted by Jesus I’d want that gift touch people and praying for them. I’d want me and ebony Nicole Tallis becomes husband and wife soon. I’d want to be a blessed to ebony Nicole Tallis I’d want my spirit connect to her spirit. I’d need to be annionted by Jesus Christ I’d want annionted to touch people and praying for them that they will recovery from sickness I’d want blessed from God tonight I’d get blessed ebony Nicole Tallis get blessed from me. .. praying that she will submit her life to Jesus Christ because I want to have a relationship with him and I’d want ebony Nicole Tallis to have a relationship with him.break. Every hatter and jelloy sprit that people have on me praying that Jesus Christ will remove kay Daniel from ebony Nicole Tallis life because she is blocked me from ebony Nicole Tallis I’d ct move forward with her cause this Kay Daniel infinity me with her.break cursed. Off Kay Daniel from infinity me with ebony Nicole Tallis she blocked me praying that Kay Daniel will move on with her life and leave ebony Nicole Tallis along because I’d been praying for ebony Nicole Tallis and I’d Will become husband and wife. Praying that ebony Nicole Tallis will come into my life again that she will contact me by come to my door of find out what my phone number is .

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