Prosperity for my daughter & I

by Contessa (Houston Tx US)

I am a widower. A small business owner! My husband was a disabled veteran. My daughter and I have been struggling with being harrassed by my late husband family. It has affected my small business that I invested in. With all my money. It has effected my daughter and I lively hood. We aren’t receiving any type of government food benefit or housing benefit. I just lost my granny. Which was like my mom less than 5 months ago! Prior to her death! I helped her out financially! I am at a stand still. God help me and my daughter comtinue on this journey. Please remove the darkness and help us Prosper in your son Jesus name Amen. Our hearts are heavy. We are burden. Cast your favor among us! Continue to ‘ us! God I ask that you keep us! The VA army government has not granted us with all our funds. God we need you!

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