Prosperity for 2014

by Spongebob (Isipingo)

Dear Lord Jesus christ O merciful and Loving Lord,I seek first your kingdom and then all other things,Help me get through my difficulties in this year of 2014,Let me get an Permanant job Lord Jesus christ and be well stable and financial secure,Bless me Good health ,And Give me wisdom knowledge and understanding,Lord jesus take care of my burden as I cast them upon the mountain and speak by your spirit,that the mountain throw itself in the sea,

I ask healing and deliverance to a family and every spirit cast out in Your mighty Name jesus christ,for your grace is sufficient for me o Lord jesus christ, Bring a great blessing and happiness into my heart and family, I pray jesus christ you will wipe out satan work and those that does his work, May you hands and prcious blood do the great work.

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