Prosperity and Financial Breakthrough 2012!

by JN (US)

2011, is just about over and I’m once again by the grace of god, about to start a new chapter in 2012. The last few years of my life, I’ve been overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, depression and unsure of what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, because of uncertainty. Through all that I have been thru and given in the last several years, I’ve made some mistakes and learned from them. Thank You, for the many blessing you continue to bless me with, this road hasn’t been easy that I have chosen. Some days I do regret certain things and decisions I have made, but I’m still grateful for the learning experiences and many great people I have met that kept a smile on my face and there words of encouragement, to help me get thru my day. I know I pray for alot of things, some probably unreachable or untainable, but one thing I always pray for is that you have kept me surrounded with good people. I Thank You for my family, for there love, support and just wanting to see me do better. I pray for everyone in there uncertain times and hope they get thru them. Right now more than ever I just need a boost and direction in my life. My self-confidence is lacking, im questioning myself more than ever, Im to worried about what other people might think of me and what they will say. I have this overall fear in my mind and body, that has to be removed from in and over me. I feel like everybody is moving on in there life and I’m taking steps backwards. Just somehow, someway please get me back on track before I really start to lose the rest of my faith. I just want to be a stronger man, with self-confidence, be someone people admire and look up to, be a better friend, son and to help people like they have helped me. All the money I have, has been depleted, I pretty much have nothing left or know how I’m going to make it next month, except but to borrow until I can do better. Lord, Please don’t give up on me, I will continue to pray, because I do believe this will be the year… Breakthrough! If you can just please answer one of my many prayers, I know money isn’t always everything, but I know alot of people who can surely use it right now, besides myself! Right now, I just need a great job and just not any job, a job that will allow me to be progessive, be proud of what I’m doing and make great money. Lord, please allow me to start off the new year with, a better understanding, be more positive of my situation, have a better attitude and change my way of thinking. Remove this stress, fear, anxiety from my body and replace them with good things… I need that hustlers mentality back that I once had. Overall, I wish everyone the best in the NEW YEAR 2012, I know the world is a little crazy right now, but keep your heads up, it will get better, PEACE!!!

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