Pressures of the Pandemic

by Virgil Morris ()

Father each day of my life is a challenge and even though I talk with you each day. The challenges they come in waves. I pray for your strength to keep me and help me in decision and choice making. Its your guidance that leads my way. Understand, I thank you for the blessings that come my way and hold to them dearly for they may not last always. Sorting the positive from the negative to get the spiritualites of a spiritual life is commanding. So I challenge myself each day through prayer and scripture, but working on fasting is needed. Father your strength for me is needed each day. Satan roam about seeking to destroy so calling on the name of Jesus is how to start one’s day. So Lord I ask for my weight to be lighten for you said I will not put on you more than you can bear. Right now I’m having a moment in my life, but my soul is anchored in the Lord, this to will pass. Season I am…the battles will come, but you are mysword myshield mystrength myredeemer and I thank you for your love mercy and grace. Thank you for the blood of life flowing in my veins. Thank for listening, Amen.

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