Prepare me

by Sammie ()

Im in prayer that i may be favorable on the return of our Savior. I’d like you to pray with me that God see me fit by his son Jesus Christ to him. I’d also like to pray that God may use me everyday and in any way you see fit to bring as many too as Out according to his purpose. I pray that he gives me the knowledge and the strength and allow me to be held accountable for my mistakes, Then he may allow whatever it takes to save myself to be with him forever. It’s my creator, That knows me best. And I just lastly prayed that he prepared me mentally spiritually and physically and physically for the spiritual warfare. That he might tell me job well done at the end of this… As we go and prepare to spend eternal life with him and our father..
I prefer all the children including mine all of the world that they be saved and filled with the whole spirit. I pray for the elders that they be protected by God’s angels. And I pray for the sinner who I am myself that got him mercy on us… It’s in Jesus name…Amen

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