Prays for a broken family

by Rebecca ()

My family have been going threw so much this year,god knows everyone is but,it feels like my happy family is falling deeper into a dark hole and I don’t know deeper into a dark hole and I don’t know we’re to start. My father has been living with another women and my mother,me and my two brothers have just found out to make it worst the tumor in my jaw. I have been fighting for the last three years but,it has come backe so now I have to have surgery soon or it will keep growing.

My mother is falling apart. My father say he has left the other women but my mother don’t belive him so even though he is back he still talks to the other women and my mom and him always argue. I have even cancelled my surgery without my mother knowing just so she won’t worry. I just can’t go under until she is happy and I can’t die yet till my family is better. I believe in the power of pray. Thank you all for your kindness.

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